Mayor's Message
Click here for an event being held at Maison Lafitte on Friday, November 23rd.

The City is currently having new water meters installed.  You will be notified when your area is being serviced by door hangars.  The process will only take a few minutes and workers will be clearly identified by name badges.  This new digital technology will save tax dollars and assure for more accurate readings. Also, please take in any outside items and tie down any ongoing construction.

If anyone is interested in leasing the space soon to be vacated by Winn Dixie near the Causeway, click here for information.

We are proud to report that Expedia has named the City of Mandeville the "Best Place to Escape To" in the State of Louisiana.  Click here for more information.

The Historic Preservation District Commission of the City of Mandeville is attempting to locate old historic wells within the City limits.  If you have one of these old wells on your property, please contact Rich Adamiak at Send your name and address where the well is located.  Thank you for your help

The Original Krewe of Orpheus is looking to expand with new members.  Click here for more information.    
We have been notified by the Northshore Homebuilder's Association to be on the lookout for contractor fraud following storm events.  Click here to read their message.
Use our free icon to reach the City's website from your phone. Click here for instructions.

Mayor Don Villere



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