Code Enforcement
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These policies and procedures are designed as a guide and procedural reference manual for all types of code enforcement activity. They are intended to assure consistency and predictability within the city’s code enforcement program and also to educate citizens and property owners about code enforcement and the consequences of violating the codes. Additionally, these policies and procedures are designed to be a guide and procedural reference manual for use by employees of the City of Mandeville in order to explain the policies and procedures governing the enforcement of property maintenance and zoning codes; and it should not be confused or interpreted to mean enforcement of the provisions of the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code.

The function of Code Enforcement is to enforce the requirements of the City’s zoning ordinance, various "nuisance” ordinances, the building maintenance code, weed and trash abatement, and the inoperable motor vehicle ordinance. Knowing that effective code enforcement goes a long way toward enhancing the City’s livability, safety and appearance, increased emphasis has been placed on effective, responsive and proactive code compliance by the City administration, neighborhood groups and citizens. Clean, attractive neighborhoods are a magnet for attracting economic investment and revitalization, and ensuring population retention. Code Enforcement is administered by the Director, the Building Official, the landscape inspector, the special projects planner and two Administrative Assistants.

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