Planning & Zoning Commission

Planning & Zoning Commission members and term dates:

Rebecca Bush - Chairwoman, Planning Commission 8-31-2024
Nixon Adams - Chairman, Zoning Commission 8-31-2020
Michael Blanche 8-31-2019
Ren Clark 8-31-2021
Simmie Fairly 8-31-2022
Dennis Thomas
Bill Sones

Find the Planning and Zoning Commission's next meeting date
The Planning and Zoning Commission holds regular meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of
each month at 6:30 pm with the exception of November and December. Those dates are set the
prior year in December and have historically been held on the third Tuesday of those two months.
Click here to find the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting agendas.

Click here for the Comprehensive Land Use Ordinance (CLURO) (Adopted June 25, 2015)
The Planning and Zoning Commission provisions are outlined in the CLURO sec 2.1- 2.2.8 

Click here to watch the Planning and Zoning Commission's recorded meetings.



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